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Joanna O'Brien - Juwel

Fabric and Leather Artist


Juwel is an eclectic range of limited edition leather handbags, clothing and accessories designed and produced by Jo O'Brien in the Sunshine Coast hinterland of QLD. Originally trained in clothing technology at the London College of Fashion many years ago, the skills she learned have followed her through the years and have allowed Jo to diversify in the industry. She has never lost that passion to create.


Inspiration abounds from travels which can be glimpsed in the details that adorn the handbags and purses.  The handbags and accessories are all made with a variety of quality sustainable leathers, including cowhide and kangaroo, all sourced from within Australia. Etchings and cut-outs add interest to each piece, giving that point of difference and unique appeal.

The clothing is all made with natural fibres, simple designs, but bold in pattern. Jo is a keen supporter of slow fashion and a simpler lifestyle, the end result is a collection of practical but stylish designs made to last. With a free living, bohemian feel for those that like to express themselves through what they wear, with a casual elegance.


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