Craig Olive and Alison Morris - together ‘Time and Tide Art Wear’


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Craig and Alison have called the Sunshine Coast home for many years. Both have a background in craft and design and have combined their creative talents and love of beautiful, old things to craft these unique, upcycled jewellery pieces. 

Their signature spoon pendants are handcrafted from vintage EPNS silverware and antique mechanical watch parts. The parts have been sourced from all corners of the globe and many are over 100yrs old and have been delicately set in a jewellery grade eco resin. If you look closely you can see rubies in the mechanical watch mechanisms. It's wonderful to see these exquisitely beautiful, yet discarded, treasures reborn and it is curious to ponder who owned and cherished them in a bygone era. 

It's a little bit steampunk, a little bit 'Alice in Wonderland' but certainly something unique and beautiful to treasure!

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