Marc Kalifa


I was born in Paris, France in 1951 and migrated to Australia in 1974.

I started working with glass designing and making large stained glass windows, wishing that one day I would be able to make my own coloured glass. A visit to several hot glass studios in Europe motivated me in 1985 to build my home studio in Maleny, Queensland.

Glass is a versatile medium; I’ve spent the last 30 years experimenting with the endless possibilities offered by blown and cast glass. My blown glassworks is strongly influenced by the Australian environment and its ancient indigenous culture, while my sand cast works allow me to use contrasting textures, exposed against the translucence and refracting qualities of glass.

I like mixing various mediums and techniques, my work goes from limited edition blown glass pieces to one-off sand-cast sculptural lamps as well as multi-media sculptures including glass, bronze, ceramic or gilded wood components.

First There is a Mountain
Eclipse Blue with Fossil
Dreamers Open Amphora
Dreamers Chasing Dreams Orb