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Brett McIntosh

Lanscape Photographer


Brett McIntosh is a multi-award winning landscape photographer based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland specialising in local photographic scenes of our beautiful Coastline and surrounding areas. For the past decade he has been dedicated to capturing a variety of stunning and diverse landscape scenes, reproducing them into impressive, colourful & high impact works of art.


Brett's commitment, dedication, and intuition has helped grow his landscape photography hobby/passion into a full-time source of income for he and his family. Uncountable hours have been spent in the planning and capturing of shots with as much equal time invested in designing and innovating his own products that bring to life his dreamy style of landscape photography. Over the years his workshop space has evolved to print with the highest quality professional photo printers using archival media that has a rated longevity of 100+ years fade resistance. Artworks are available in many different shapes and sizes as well as different high-quality mediums and frame combinations that can be customized to suit his customer's walls.

Modern techniques in many of Brett's shots include HDR stitched panoramic photography, image layering, focus stacking and manual exposure blending to squeeze the most amount of detail, sharpness and quality out of his photographic work.


Brett showcases an extensive and diverse collection of photographs from all over the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. He believes and respects the beauty of mother nature which has become his motivation to immerse himself in the moment and capture that beautiful scene that is then brought to life as captivating art.

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Brett's artworks are well renowned for their sharpness and quality, incorporating a punchy style that jumps out at the viewer, transporting them into a dreamy landscape scene that bursts with life and imagination.  Brett is also represented by the Seaview Gallery at Moffat Beach.

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