Peace of Green Gallery is a collective of local artists from the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and surrounding areas. We work across a broad range of fine art and hand crafted media. Our artists staff the gallery everyday, so please come in and meet the artists.

Melanie Augustin
Lyn Donald
Glenys Fentiman
Julie Hanrahan
Annie Hopkins
Janet Johnson
Marc Kalifa
Cathy Lawley
Jacky Lowry
Annie McIntosh
Brett McIntosh
Noela Mills
John Morrison
John Morrison painting the portrait of Bob Irwin
Narelle Mulrooney
Joanna O'Brien
Craig Olive & Alison Morris
Gillian Pechey
Ian and Christine Reid
Judi Sell
Carolyn Sheather
Tracy Smith
Belinda Stanton
Eva-Maria Steinkamp
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