Jacky Lowry


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Email - jacky.lowry@internode.on.net


Printing is my passion, with collagraphs, linocut prints, and photopolymer etching as my favourite printmaking techniques. Nature is the main inspiration. That influence came from the experienced a somewhat feral childhood along the banks of the Canning River, Western Australia. Later came studies in science and biology, resulting in a love of scientific illustrations that can also be seen in my artwork. These strong influences manifest in my art as a delight in the colours, forms, patterns, and designs of plants. I often use real plants to make collagraph plates. A love of pattern, contrast, and abstraction is explored through fragmentation and collaging of print editions, where the source images are mostly botanical forms. 


Today my passion is the printed mark, but until my acquisition of a press in 2004, I initially focused on papermaking, fabric printing, and batik. (After all, what is batik but printing with wax?)  Since then my main focus has been on printmaking, with some beginning forays into encaustic. Some print-based works are unique one-offs, but most of my prints are part of a limited edition. Because they are all hand printed, and many have individually hand-painted backgrounds, there will be slight differences within print editions.

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