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Annie developed an early love for arts and crafts, which have become a major part of her life.  She has also had the opportunity to travel widely since her early twenties, whereby she has lived and worked in Singapore, the South Pacific Islands and England for a total period of about 10 years. In all Annie has also visited 28 countries. All these experiences of mixing with different cultures and of teaching and being taught have had a profound influence on her life and her arts and crafts.

From 2001 through to 2005 Annie made numerous trips through France, Italy and Europe in general, which has had a far-reaching effect on her life in many ways. Not surprisingly, this applies in particular to Paris, which is known as the legendary “haute couture” centre of the western world. Her arts and craftwork aspires to this fashion ideal.

 Annie continues to follow her passion by creating a large selection of ladies Hats with a French influence. Her millinery work includes a huge range of stylish and elegant hats to suit all seasons. 

Annie also has a range of five different series of Greeting Cards with quotes/greetings:

- Spirited Women Series

- Water Colour Australian Bird Series

- Fabric Covered Series

- Fabric inspired Australian Bird Series

- Water Colour Hat Series

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