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Annie McIntosh Artist


Annie lives on a farm outside Peachester, a small community in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland.  She was born and formally educated in Melbourne, then lived for many years in New Zealand with her husband and two sons. Annie has been a Queensland resident now for 18 years. Art has always been a part of her world, both professionally and personally, starting with her role as medical technologist staining cells and tissues, to designing and making textile art and now painting.

Currently Annie is exploring the links between conscious daily life, the dream state and the transition or boundary between these two states. From the  tiny window of a dream,  she glimpses an alternate world connected to herself yet exaggerated, absurd, and surreal. Annie is also intrigued by horizons as they conjure up a myriad of ideas and emotions that are a continuing theme in her paintings.

Annie's landscapes are a metaphor for life’s journey. She describes travel across and through the landscape, making what seems like meaningless lines on a map, yet these describe our life path and choices. The horizon may be what we aspire to, dream of or aim for. The horizon also represents a transition point between states. Just as the horizon marks the boundary between earth and sky it also represents a boundary between physical and spiritual. Or when we dream, we drift from conscious to subconscious, overt to hidden. It is this transition that inspires her exploration: the drama of storms, the harshness of the desert, and the calm of the distant horizon and what these symbols metaphorically represent.

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"Sensitive narratives weave their way through Annie’s dynamic style and intuitive use of colour. Multi-layered textures and bold palette blend seamlessly in a whimsical yet thought-provoking manner that captures attention. Annie takes you on a journey and time drifts as you read a visual masterpiece." 

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Annie McIntosh
Annie McIntosh
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Annie McIntosh
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