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Eva-Maria Steinkamp

Textile Artist

Eva has been interested in and doing textile work from an early age. Her passion and enthusiasm for textiles have motivated her to further her studies, culminating in a textile design degree in Germany.


Immigrating to Australia in 1986, Eva worked initially for a number of years in the knitwear industry, designing knitwear for a company in Melbourne. Thereafter, she set out on a journey to explore the art of painting on silk, which has been a passion of Eva's since being introduced to this wonderful medium during her Textile Design studies (1979-1983).


Creating unique, one of a kind hand-painted silk fabrics and silk accessories for lovers of individuality and style. Eva gets great satisfaction from the constantly developing and changing nature of the work, continually experimenting with colour, different techniques, and different silk materials in new and unexpected combinations.


During Eva's silk painting practice she has exhibited and sold work on several textile fairs in Melbourne as well as Sydney. Her shibori work has been featured in the Australian Embellish Magazine and Eva has published several silk painting articles in the same publication.

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Eva Steincamp
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