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Nathalie Bastier

Nathalie has worked with a variety of mediums for many years. From watercolours and gouaches to 3D compositions of recycled and found objects, from woodwork to textured panels and boxes, she enjoys exploring many creative  expressions.  Recently Nathalie began to explore doll making. The dolls body is made of wood. Various materials are used for their clothing and head decorations ranging from paper, to vintage pieces of fabric, graphic imagery, beads, old 1900 new papers and pieces of embroideries.  The technique involved in her textured decorative boxes and small cabinet has been passed down from her father. It is a labor intensive including the manipulation and outlay of materials such as textiles, laced, doll dresses, plants.  A composition, template is created by assembling such objects and pressing them into a paste that will capture the different textures of all materials and create their imprints, or traces.  Colours are used to reveal the textured surfaces obtained by the imprints and reveal these various textures.

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