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I am a practising artist living at Palmwoods on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  I have a love of creating and materials and often have several projects on the go at any one time.  My studio practice is dynamic and always changing.  


In 2016 I completed a Bachelor of Art majoring in Fine Art and Visual Culture from Curtin University in Western Australia. I graduated with high distinction as well as gaining a place on the Curtin University's Vice Chancellor's list. My thesis discussed the giant Satinay trees found on Fraser Island. I examined the dendrochronology of these ancient trees through sculpture, paper making, drawing, painting, printing, and film. 


Today, my art practise is multi-disciplinary and usually in series and includes work with a strong design element highlighting the use of colour, light, shade, tone, and value as well as abstract works based on my emotional response to nature and the environment.  I also experiment in sculptural works in clay, and occasionally I delve into portraiture in the style of Banksy. 


I usually have a crafty project or two on the go such as woodwork, jewellery, soap making, and paper-making.  My studio practice uses eco-friendly methodologies, I use non-toxic, recycled, reclaimed, and sustainable materials where possible.


My influences are:

  • Thancoupie, an indigenous sculptor and ceramic artist,

  • Banksy, the elusive urban artist, and social commentator, and

  • Maurits Escher, whose mathematical art is a triumph in repetition, geometry, perspective, reflection. symmetry, tessellation, light, and shade.

Narell Mulrooney
Tumi Ishi Blocks
The Day the Rain Came Large
The Day the Rain Came Small
Playing with the Perception of Size
Playing with the Perception of Size B&W.