Ian and Christine Reid




Ian Reid has been creating pottery for the past thirty-five years. He started making and selling his pottery in Brisbane, then moved on to Montville Pottery. After three years at Montville, his love of pottery continued on with eighteen years at Flaxton Garden’s Pottery. Christine met Ian at the Flaxton pottery after taking a position as a glazer and decorator. 


Ian and Christine now enjoy working together from their home studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Ian hand makes all the pieces on the wheel using either, a fine white stoneware clay or a blended iron-bearing clay. For the last twenty years, Christine has used Ian’s pieces as a canvas to ‘paint’ sceneries and abstract designs, using a range of colourful glazes. Ian uses two ancient glazes, a Japanese ‘Shino’ and a Chinese ‘Chun’ to decorate his pieces, combining wood ash to both glazes to create pots of beauty and simplicity.

Shino Slab Vase
Cobalt Vase
36cm Platter