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Peace of Green Gallery 

is 30 years old 


Peace of Green Gallery is Maleny's longest-running gallery. First opening 1993, and now in  2023 we celebrate 30 years of continuous operation. Intense planning tarted in 1993 and the retail space opened in January of 1994.

Starting with just seven members, the gallery has seen nearly 100 members pass through,  most staying for several years. Owned and operated by its artist members, the gallery has become an iconic institution in Maleny. Every day one of the represented artists is on duty. We are there to serve our customers, and discuss the broad range of art for sale. 

First opening in 1994 in a small space next door to the Maple Street Co-op, it only took 6 months for interest in joining the Gallery to grow to the point where larger premises were needed. The antique space over the road became vacant and the group signed the lease,  and moved in. Peace of Green is still in that space.   At that point there were 17 artists.  Now with 25 active members, the Gallery is constantly evolving.


The original group was Howard Jupp, Jo Shepard, Sally Anne Lancaster, Mick and Allie Hays, Cathy Lawley, Peg Lancaster, Marc Kalifa and Jill Morris.  Cathy and Marc are still alive members of the group. 

Back row: Sally, Jo, Howard

Middle Row: Mick, Hugh, Peg (Sally's mother)  Ken

Front Row: Gillian, Allie, Janna, Jill,  Meg and baby.  

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