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Noela Mills

Multi-disciplinary Artist

Noela works in a variety of genre including painting, drawing, printmaking, jewellery, collage, artists books and mixed media objects. Her love of the Zen Buddhist philosophy of ‘wabi sabi’ shows through all of her work, honouring things that are old, worn, organic, recycled and having an inherent energy or a history of their own. Elements of line and texture feature heavily within this framework.


Textures within landscape, as well as on manmade materials are a constant source of inspiration for Noela. Lines and marks compliment and contrast, often referencing patterns and designs from nature, especially the marks made by the Australian scribbly gum moth. Frequent trips to Japan and China have influenced her in the use of free-flowing Asian styled brush marks and the use of minimalist compositions.


Noela's jewellery follows the same aesthetic, incorporating found objects such as driftwood, metals and wires, precious beads, pearls, and crystals with non precious metals. Wearable objects are often made from recycled heat-treated EPNS silver, and copper wire and sheet, allowing her to create interesting textures and colours. 

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