Nathalie Bastier

Nathalie Bastier was born into a family of artists in Albi, in Southwest France to a family of artists.  Her grandfather Joseph Bastier was a painter, sign writer, mural artist and theatre set maker and her father Marc Bastier was also a painter and a sign writer and has exhibited his work in France and Spain.
In 1984 Nathalie migrated to Australia. Nathalie feels very fortunate to come from a family bearing such a strong tradition of creativity and craftsmanship. This history has played a significant role in the way she sees the world and retrieves her sense of belonging and place in it.

Nathalie’s practice and techniques were created and taught to her by her father enabling her to carry forward her family’s tradition, allowing a sense of continuity, as much as it facilitates her expression of the importance textures, patterns and colours have in my perception of the world, people, and environments. 


Nathalie’s process is a labour-intensive process involving a step-by-step procedure including the manipulation and outlay of elements such as textiles, plants and the creation of their imprints, their traces. A composition, template is created by assembling such objects and pressing them into a paste that will capture the different textures of all materials. From that point, Nathalie uses the colour of enamel paint to reveal the textured surfaces obtained by the imprints and play with the interaction of colour over these various textures. In so doing she attempts to establish a connection with the way, we, as human beings retain traces of events, experiences, significant objects holding personal meanings, and the traces left printed into our inner imagery and memory, forever altering the colours and textures of our lives.

Nathalie Bastier
The Music of the Soul
The Secret Kitchen
Rose Box (Aspect 1)
Rose Box (Aspect 2)
Garden Window
The Little Castle of Seeds & Artichokes
The Wedding Day
Three Trees
My Sewing Cabinet