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Pecking Order Series


The Pecking Order series was taken at the Maleny Botanical Gardens & Birdworld. Spending 8 weeks and

countless hours in three huge aviaries with over 600 birds can only be described as a valuable education. The

most valuable tool was not the professional photography equipment; it was a personal trait known as patience.


Anyone who has ever had a pet will recount numerous tales of their pet’s personality. It is the same with all

creatures on the planet; they all have their own personality. With careful observation the hierarchy revealed itself, who literally ruled the roost, which ones were pecked and which birds kept quiet and to themselves.

The social structures and behaviors of birds are not that different to Homo Sapiens.


The bird handlers were exceptionally knowledgeable about each bird and its personality which helped Clive

determine when and how to take the shot. The series has 17 images and is an ongoing project.


Clive Waring-Flood has been a professional photographer since 1977, and has taken more than 70,000 studio or location shoots of people, families, corporate head shots, models and weddings in Australia, UK and Germany. During his lengthy photography career he has trained pathologists, forensic, research scientists and various Government departments on using complex photography equipment, lectured in fine art and darkroom printing and as editor of the Silvershotz magazine interviewed and written about 700 art photographers from 47 countries.


Clive is passionate about his professional photography and maintains a commercial wedding & portrait studio in Maleny which is open 6 days a week. When not writing articles or capturing weddings, corporate or

family portraits, he produces art work in colour and black & white and is now one of the few remaining Masters who prints in a darkroom.


Clive can be contacted on 0455 500 007.

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