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Involvement with native trees and timbers has formed a large part of my life. I have a great affection for Australian flora and a deep environmental awareness.


In Victoria, I built and operated a production nursery propagating millions of seedlings for farm forestry and revegetation.


Now in Queensland, I find myself working with many of the species that I grew, with their timbers of beautiful colour, tone and grain.


Initially, I produced tables but have moved exclusively to handcrafting unusual lamps using eco-friendly recycled native timber. I often incorporate industrial-style reproduction domes and cages. Sometimes I use genuine farm and industrial relics.


Always with Edison-style light bulbs, my lamps give a soft warm glow to add atmospheric charm to your home or business.


My display at Peace of Green is ever-changing with different and interesting pieces …

I am often dubbed ‘The Lamp Man’, I like that!

~ Bruce Keogh

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